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5 Essential Tips to Reduce Data Breach Exposure

  Data breaches are increasingly becoming one of the biggest plagues of modern businesses, be those small or big companies. With cyber security becoming a problem for everyone, it’s a good thing to start thinking more about it, if you’re not already. Data breaches can be simple nuisances, or they can seriously jeopardize your entire… Read more »

Volunteering on a Non-For-Profit Board – Protect Your Personal Assets

  Serving on a non-profit board is a great way for you to give back and support a good cause. When you serve on a non-profit board, you become an integral part of helping your community. Serving also expands your skill set, helping you grow both professionally and personally. There’s also great pride in helping… Read more »

Employment Practices Liability: Examples of Claims Scenarios

  Hiring qualified employees to work for you can be challenging enough; however, it becomes even more frustrating when you hire people only to realize later they are not the right match for your company. From poor attendance to lousy work habits, there is any number of reasons why you would need to fire your… Read more »

5 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Personal Online Security

Most people don’t take cybercrime seriously because they don’t believe they could ever be a target. They figure that hackers are only interested in prominent organizations such as Ashley Madison, Yahoo, the FBI, or JP Morgan – all of which fall under the list of the biggest hacks of all time. However, just because you’re… Read more »

5 Best Practices to Secure Your Business Online from Cyber Threats

  Cyber attacks are on the rise. According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 53,000 incidents and 2,216 confirmed data breaches occurred within the recent 12-month period. Not only can a cyber attack cripple your business overnight, but recovering from one doesn’t just involve rebuilding your systems and retrieving stolen data; it also… Read more »

Directors & Officers: D&O Insurance Coverage & Exclusions

What happens in the event that company leaders are held personally liable should their negligence or lousy judgment cause profit loss? And what happens if they are then sued by customers, investors, competitors, vendors, or even its own employees? If they’re protected by Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O), then their defense costs and payment for… Read more »

D&O Insurance: What is it and Why is it Important?

  Directors and those in senior management roles such as officers make complex and tough decisions every day. The choices they make have a significant impact on the future of the company which not only includes profits but the job security of its employees. And because they’re as human as you and I, they’re just… Read more »