Month: May 2018

5 Best Practices to Secure Your Business Online from Cyber Threats

  Cyber attacks are on the rise. According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 53,000 incidents and 2,216 confirmed data breaches occurred within the recent 12-month period. Not only can a cyber attack cripple your business overnight, but recovering from one doesn’t just involve rebuilding your systems and retrieving stolen data; it also… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons Why Insurance Brokers are Better than Agents

If you’re one of those people that have used the terms insurance broker and agent interchangeably, you probably didn’t realize that they are two different things. While their functions are similar, they’re not identical. The Difference Between Broker and Agent As mentioned, brokers and agents have their similarities; both are licensed to distribute insurance, adhering… Read more »