Month: January 2018

Why Should Business Owners Have Insurance?

The future is a more dangerous place without insurance — especially if you’re a small business or home-based business owner. Insurance coverage is still the best way to protect your business from risks that can endanger your existence and profitability. But protecting your business, you also protect your employees, your property, your products or service,… Read more »

Directors & Officers: D&O Insurance Coverage & Exclusions

What happens in the event that company leaders are held personally liable should their negligence or lousy judgment cause profit loss? And what happens if they are then sued by customers, investors, competitors, vendors, or even its own employees? If they’re protected by Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O), then their defense costs and payment for… Read more »

7 Questions to Ask Your Broker Before Renewing Your Commercial Insurance Policy

  It’s that time of the year to renew your commercial insurance policy, and you know what that means. It means it’s time to review your policy and benefits. By evaluating your policy and asking your broker the right questions, you are doing your part in optimizing the renewal process and ensuring that your company… Read more »

D&O Insurance: What is it and Why is it Important?

  Directors and those in senior management roles such as officers make complex and tough decisions every day. The choices they make have a significant impact on the future of the company which not only includes profits but the job security of its employees. And because they’re as human as you and I, they’re just… Read more »