Month: December 2017

Frozen Pipes Burst

Southern Ontario is going through a serious cold snap. If you are heading out on vacation please make sure that you do one of the following before you leave: 1. Turn off the water to your home and drain the pipes. 2. Make sure that someone you trust and is responsible checks in on your… Read more »

Cyber and Privacy Breach Implications for Your Business

  Did you know that 59 data records are lost or stolen every second? According to the Breach Level Index, that’s approximately 5,133,136 records each day. Just as technology evolves, so do cybercriminals. Organizations of all sizes and from all industries can be victims of cybercrimes with each business impacted differently depending on the type… Read more »

How Your CVOR Record Can Impact Your Insurance

If you live in Ontario and operate heavy commercial vehicles, then you already know the necessary evil that is called the CVOR. CVOR stands for Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration. Its role is to strictly monitor the on-road safety performance of all heavy commercial vehicle operators in Ontario. Basically, the CVOR gives you the permit to… Read more »

Commercial Property & Contents Insurance 101 – Understanding the Basics

  If you own commercial property and something goes wrong, you need to be prepared with the right level of financial protection to cover you. By purchasing commercial property insurance, the structures your business own will likely be covered under qualifying events such as fire, accidental damage, and weather-related damage. Typically, your property policy would… Read more »

Ontario is Reviewing Postal Codes as Factors in Deciding Your Premiums

There must be an election on the horizon. There seems to be a renewed effort by politicians to remove the part of the auto insurance premium factor based on where you live. It is an interesting idea however it has been studied before. Essentially, it is a zero sum exercise; when you decrease some people’s… Read more »